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The Country in the City

The suburb of Beaulieu is one of the most well-kept secrets in Johannesburg. Nestling just north of Kyalami race track north of the M71 / R55 junction, this Estate comprises just over 300 properties of 1ha plus, and, when entering the area one feels that you have left the city, and entered the countryside. Commonly, persons visiting for the first time will exclaim “Wow! We did not know this area existed. It is so beautiful”!. We agree, and enjoy the fact that we are living in the country, yet, in a few minutes, we can hop into our cars and in minutes can enjoy the convenience of shops and theatres, and other amenities city life offers.



The one thing people will notice is the peaceful atmosphere. There are no high traffic volumes whistling past, nor sirens of police cars or ambulances. On passing through you will see horses, either in their paddocks, or on the broad verges of the roads, being ridden by their owners. If, as a driver, you do the right thing and slow down, moving over to make space, invariable you will receive a smile and a “thank you” wave. But – horses are not always on the road! In the Estate, between the houses, there are over 21km of broad bridle trails, enabling the horses to canter and trot with soft under hoof ground, and no fears of traffic. If lucky, you will also enjoy the horse-drawn carriages some local residents use down the paths. These paths are open to residents to use for walks. And there is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than a stroll down the paths with your family, enjoying a chat and enjoying the views, which can be stunningly beautiful from the top of the Estate where you can see all the way to the Magaliesburg on the horizon. Or you can watch golfers pursuing the elusive little white ball when you pass down the fence abutting the Kyalami Country Club. Beaulieu is no ordinary estate. It offers accessible country living within a horse paradise conservancy..



This Estate is aimed at the “horsy fraternity”. It has been said on a number of occasions that this suburb has the highest ratio of owned horses to owners in the world. We cannot guarantee that this statement is accurate without doubt, but can state without reservation that wherever you look in this area you will see horses and other livestock, such as goats, cattle and various poultry species – though the numbers per plot are limited! Beaulieu is positioned in the heart of the most dense horse country in South Africa. It consists of hectare-sized plots, separated by 21km of bridle trails. It is within riding distance of Kyalami Equestrian Park and Inanda Country Base and falls within the Gecko conservancy. With the bridle paths, this area was designed to use and enjoy our large, four-hoofed friends. And we do..



The suburb contains a bird sanctuary with a large lake. This helps attract many varieties and species of bird life, from the large herons and ibis species, down to sunbirds and the beautiful malachite kingfisher. There are bird viewing sites allowing you to sit in the shade with your cameras and binoculars and enjoy what nature throws your way One thing that stands out here is the presence of numerous owls, particularly the Spotted Eagle Owls which are often seen. There is nothing more peaceful than lying in bed in the early hours of the morning, listening to a pair of owls hooting to each other from your roof to the bottom of your garden. Certainly beats traffic!.



The entire suburb was surrounded by electric fencing during the late 1990s. This was paid for by the residents, and a semi gate closure was negotiated with the city council where 3 out of 4 of our external gates are closed at night. Guards were placed at the entrances. During 2008 there was an escalation of crime in the suburb, which resulted in the majority of residents rallying together to form a new residents association and co-operating to secure various security assets such as gripper spikes at the gates, cameras at all gates, an improved control room and the appointment of a full time security manager for the estate. Our security measures have since then been constantly improved with additional upgrades to our perimeter fence, our outsourced security company and movement sensors in the bridle trails. The bridle paths have had gates fitted, limiting access to residents with authorised remote controls, and there is no access to these after sunset. The suburb employs a professional security company, with reaction vehicles patrolling the suburb 24/7/365. The levies paid by our residents towards the upkeep of the suburb and security include your Armed Response Alarm subscriptions, which are monitored at the main gate in a state of the art control room. Because of the proximity of the response vehicles – always in the suburb – response to an alarm generally occur within minutes. These measures have had a very noticeable effect. Crime in the suburb has virtually decreased to nothing in the last few years, and this is recognised by a number of Insurers who offer discounts to properties in the suburb due to the low crime rate. A new high-security system is being fitted on the perimeter fence which will make it (virtually) impossible for anyone to climb or excavate under the fences without notifying the patrolling guards of the attempt, with a speedy response resulting. One certainly feels secure in this suburb, despite the country atmosphere!.



Education is provided by two private schools in the area. The Preparatory school is actually situated in the suburb itself, and caters for pre-primary to Grade 7. The High School (which currently has the pre-primary facility on their premises) is a two minute drive from the entrances to the suburb, and is situated virtually across the road to the entrance to Kyalami Country Club..



Beaulieu Country Estate NPC was incorporated under section 21 of the Companies Act on 24 April 2009 to serve the needs of the Beaulieu community in Witpoort, a suburb of Midrand in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. The aim of the company is to promote a secure residential country environment with a strong community spirit amongst Beaulieu residents. To this end, the company:

• caters for the security of the community and the maintenance of its shared communal property and bridle trails;

• monitors and responds to external and internal developments and building activity that may affect the residential country atmosphere of Beaulieu and its surrounds;

• supports the equestrian environment;

• communicates on matters of interest with residents;

• arranges community events and functions; and

• generally represents the interests of the community.

The company is precluded by its memorandum of association and by the Companies Act from distributing any funds to its members or any other person. All directors of the Company are residents in the Estate who give freely of their time in the interest of the Estate. They receive no recompense or fees for their work, all gladly participating for the interests of their community.

Beaulieu Country Estate

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